We've Over Complicated It

It's all so terrifyingly simple
We've overcomplicated it
There is a deliberate continuum
Being maintained throughout
All the detailed narrative 

No matter what your crazy theory is
No matter what mouth noises 
Or squiggly lines you make
To point towards something
That isn't here and now

We are just life
Bubbling and boiling
And desperate to make more life
And anything else is just in the way
Of doing that so please
Use whatever semantic mechanisms
You need to feel better about
Your fleshy impulsive existence 

You are a seed
You are a fluid 
There is no rising above 
Because it will never stop being 
All around you

You were designated 
As a temporary step in a massive 
And beautiful process long 
Before you stopped and 
Recognized the privilege 
Of "being here"
Or "asking questions"

You are electricity
You are rivers and glaciers and vapors
This is not a poetic metaphor
This is fact 

Accept the titanic majesty of creation
Into your self-identity 

Become mountains with your body
Open the rivers inside you 
You are the galaxies and the flowers 
All at once

This is not just a nice thing to say
Or a pleasant thing to hear

This is who you are

Every wall you have built and 
Fortified with your trembling 
All of it can be reduced to ash
With a whisper 

You are a note that tumbles
Down the hillside of a symphony 
Nothing that you are 
Will ever be a statue

You are the raindrops
You are the gusts 
You are the piles that
Accumulate in the corners

You will forget 
You will remember
You will forget
You will remember
You will hate forgetting
You will love remembering
You will hate remembering 
You will love forgetting

Look up from the script 
And share a knowing glance
With your co-stars

There never was going to be
Any rehearsal

- Anonymous, Found in the Temple at Burning Man, 2015

I hope these words move you to let go, and realize the simplicity of life, and the simplicity of simply existing. Take a deep breath.